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Our mission is to create a community that accepts, understands, supports and engages persons with dementia, their families and caregivers.

IMPACT 2-1-1 is a central access point for people in need. During times of personal crisis or community disaster, the free, confidential helpline and online resource directory make it easy for residents to get connected to information and assistance. Just DIAL 211 or call (866) 211-3380

Creating a Community

To create a sustainable Dementia Capable Waukesha County we need to engage communities in the support of persons with dementia and their loved ones.

“A flourishing community seeks to honor, value, and include all of its members in a common life. It actively seeks creative improvements in a shared life because it understands that meeting the needs of the most vulnerable and dependent members cannot be separated from its own.”


Alzheimer's Society Video

In this film we see Mary as she encounters people in her community, and see how a little bit of time and consideration for people living with dementia can make all the difference to their daily lives.
The film aims to encourage small businesses and organisations to take certain steps to help their business or organisation to become dementia friendly. These steps can be small but can make a huge difference to someone who is affected by dementias life

The film is shot from the point of view of Mary. Mary is a person who is affected by dementia.

The role 'Mary' is portrayed by an actress. The scenes featured in the film are fictional but are based on real life experiences.

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