Our Mission

To create a community that accepts, understands, supports and engages persons with dementia, their families and caregivers.

Creating a Community

To create a sustainable Dementia Capable Waukesha County we need to engage communities in the support of persons with dementia and their loved ones.

Components of a Dementia Friendly Community

  • Dementia Awareness Presentation
    • Multiple presentations have been offered in the Pewaukee community for various civic and social organizations
  • Dementia Friendly Business Training
    • Business trainings have been provided for the businesses listed below
  • Early Detection
    • Community Memory Screen Events held annually at the Pewaukee Public Library
  • Dementia Caregiver Support Groups
    • Early Stage Support Group at Pewaukee Public Library
  • Engagement activities for Individuals with Dementia and the Caregivers/Families
    • Lake Country Memory Café at Pewaukee Public Library
  • Dementia Crisis Training for First Responders
    • Some Pewaukee Police, Fire and Paramedics have attended Crisis Intervention Team training provided through the Waukesha County Department of Health and Human Services in partnership with NAMI of Waukesha County.
    • Additional training specific to being dementia capable is being discussed
  • Dementia Education in the Schools
    • The State of Wisconsin DPI has an established curriculum on dementia that schools can elect to teach as a part of the health classes in middle and high school
  • Dementia Resources
    • In Waukesha County, individuals with dementia, their caregivers and families can contact the ADRC at (262)548-7848 or the Alzheimer’s Association at 800-272-3900

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